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Staff Team

Poppy Field School Staff List:

Directors of Education

Sarah-Jane Edwards

Lucy Gibbs

Executive Headteacher

Brian Sims

Head Of School

Nicky Hadfield

Interim Deputy Headteacher

Felicity Hanlon

Class Teachers

Felicity Hanlon

Jake Woodcock
Aimee Radzins
Katie Healy

Senior Teaching Assistants

Ollie Radzins

Teaching Assistants

Laura Cole

Tanya Mockett

Adelle Flaherty
Kirsty Lancaster
Louise Owen
Shannon Cafferty

Debbie McLaughlin

Nicky McTegart

Abigail Magan

Kelly Cole

Sophie Magan

Directors / Proprietors

Sarah Deaville (Chair)

Corinne Sutherland

Jonathan Vellocott

Critical Friends

Sarah Deaville
April Palmer
Corinne Sutherland
Sarahjane Edwards
Lucy Gibbs
Craig Barker
Kay Banks
Richard Leech
Hannah Holford 
Neil Smith
Nicky Hadfield

Kelly Butler

Paul Davies (Chair)

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Group Safeguarding Lead

Rebecca Carter

Group Safeguarding Officer

Corina Smith

Group Operations Manager

Rebecca James

School Business Manager

Rachel Fahy

Office Administrator 

Tracey Dwyer

Referrals & Business Development Manager 

Nikki Woolliscroft

Development Lead – SLT
Laura Harrison

Therapy Coordinator & Social Worker

Debra Turner

Play Therapist

Olivia Hope

IAG Careers Advisor

Sarah McCarthy

IT Manager

Andrew Lilley

Maintenance Manager

Andy Everill

Maintenance Person

Chris Jordan


Sue Bennett

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